Nutrien Family: Regina

Our Nutrien Family in Regina, Saskatchewan is working hard to help us in our mission to feed the world from the ground up!

As one of the largest cities in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, Regina is a bustling center of industry and reach. Thanks to its close proximity to the agricultural breadbasket of Canada, Regina is the perfect place for our Nutrien family to call home. Regina was established all the way back in 1882, which has given it a colorful history and a diverse and vibrant community. Originally, it was founded next to an enormous 30-foot pile of Bison bones which was so packed together, the top of which could even be stood upon. But this feature isn’t the only thing that makes Regina stand out.

With one of our Nutrien locations there, Regina can be happy to know that it is helping us in our ongoing mission to grow the world’s food. As proud neighbors in the Regina community, Nutrien is happy to take part in delivering sustainable, effective solutions to the growing needs of all farmers, from Manitoba to Saskatchewan!