Nutrien Family: Souris


Our Nutrien Family extends all throughout the world, from Canada, South America, all the way to Australia! The one we are going to be looking at is all the way over in Souris, Manitoba! This great Canadian community is home to one of our Nutrien Family locations! With a great hockey team, one of the longest cable-stayed footbridge, and an exciting bird sanctuary, you can find an assortment of exciting features over in Souris Manitoba!


Souris is home to Canada’s longest cable-stayed footbridge! Built all the way back in 1904, the bridge was a very important method of crossing the Souris River, and has been well used ever since! Though it has been destroyed by floods in the past, the bridge has always been faithfully reconstructed.


If you’re looking for other exciting features, you can’t forget the bird sanctuary! Known for the amazing flock of peacocks, it provides refuge for many species of birds! Just make sure you come during the right season so that you can see all of the birds while the refuge is fullest!


Nutrien is the third-largest nitrogen producer in the world, and our Souris family plays a big role in supporting us. Souris is a great rural town to live in and we are a proud member of their business community. Together we can keep on with our mission to feed the world today and for generations to come.