Nutrien’s Fort Saskatchewan Plant is Melting Ice and Warming Hearts

The Nutrien plant based in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland employs roughly 130 people, who are all working daily to make the world a better and more sustainable place. Though their day jobs are already being performed with a noble purpose, Nutrien has been going even further to make impacts in the communities they live and work within. The Fort Saskatchewan location, for instance, is responsible for a fundraiser that has helped local not-for-profit groups raise as much as $11,000 in one season through the production and selling of Bear Tracks ice melter.


Local teams and clubs and other organizations have the opportunity to partner with Nutrien for fundraising efforts each October through April by selling and keeping some of the profits from Bear Tracks ice melter, which is a safe way of melting ice and heaps of snow on sidewalks and in driveways. The kids who participate sell the pails of Bear Tracks to neighbors, family members, and others and get to retain some of the profits for club use.


The Ukrainian Dance Club in Fort Saskatchewan was able to sell 1,500 pails and make over $11,000 in profit in the early years of the fundraiser, and other groups have since started participating as well. From hockey teams to Christian schools raising money to help the homeless, there are a variety of groups benefiting from the Nutrien fundraiser.


Many of the groups brag on the Bear Tracks product, saying that it practically sells itself by being a safe and easy-to-use product that makes the winter months a little easier. No matter if it is the cute faces selling it or the convenience of the product itself, Nutrien is doing a good thing by giving back in this way to the community around them.