Our Fork River Nutrien Family

Located deep in the heart of Canada, our Fork River Nutrien Family works hard to support the farmers working hard in Canada and abroad. It might not seem like much when you look at the size of the town or how many employees work there, but it’s good, honest work that helps grow crops better and faster. 

While Fork River isn’t very large, it still has plenty of heart. With a skating rink and community hall, the community makes the most of their space to hold weekly Bingo nights (every Wednesday) or celebrate major events. Located just off of Highway 20, Fork River is a fun, interesting community to stop at on your way to Winnipegosis, or if you’re just traveling through Manitoba.

It just goes to show that no matter how small the community, they can still play a big role in Nutrien’s mission to grow our world from the ground up. Helping produce and develop the fertilizer, contributing to the ongoing mission to improve food production, and caring about our customers is all a part of what makes our employees in Fork River apart of our Nutrien Family. We are proud neighbors of For River and firmly believe that no matter how large or small a community is, you can help create wins for all of us.