Petersfield, Manitoba

Let’s learn about Petersfield, home to nearly 12,000 in Manitoba, Canada, as well as our very own Nutrien facilities supporting farmers and agriculture of the region! 

Petersfield is part of the rural municipality of St. Andrews, which also includes nearby towns Clandeboye and Lockport. The region borders the Red River of Manitoba, a historically significant trade route that allowed settlements to thrive all the way from the Southern tip of Lake Winnipeg, into the US region of central North Dakota. Petersfield is just a short drive to the City of Winnipeg, offering residents a change of pace from their rural setting. 

The scenery itself is worth a drive from the big city, and many of the hobbies of Petersfield residents take full advantage of the views. The local cross country ski club is an active community group that gets people of all ages out into the countryside even in the deepest part of winter. Nearby, Chesley’s Resort and Campground gives everyone a great place to enjoy nature and the company of their family. 

Another hobby that can be enjoyed in town is also a beloved Canadian pastime: Curling! Petersfield Curling Club is an active group that hosts tournaments throughout the year, where everyone can have a chance at enjoying themselves with this fun sport. 

The club itself is a part of Petersfield history, having been established in 1938. Records show that the village of Petersfield existed in the late 1800s, and in 1915, the local schoolhouse was named in honor of the town. Petersfield’s most well-known resident was also born in 1915– First Nation War Hero Tommy Prince. He served in World War II and the Korean War, and was one of Canada’s most decorated Indigenous soldiers. His legacy is honored through many markers and dedications in his name, including a “Tom Prince Drive” in his birthplace of Petersfield. 

Our Nutrien family members based in Petersfield continue to honor the area’s history and establish their own legacies while they feed the future with their great work! We are proud that Petersfield is a part of the global Nutrien network!