Redwater Nitrogen: Canada

Named after the copper tinted river that runs beside it, Redwater, Alberta is the location for one of our Nitrogen plants in Canada. Originally a small farming community of around 90 people, the town rapidly expanded to over 3,000 with the discovery of oil in 1951. Today, it is home to over 2,100 people and is a wonderful small town and community for our Nutrien family.

Located in the industrial heartland of Alberta, Rewater has a surprising number of amenities and businesses for such a small town. With a swimming pool, golf course, and state of the art community center, there is so much to do in your spare time. 

Especially if you’re an outdoor enthusiast! Redwater has one of the largest sand dunes in the area (perfect for ATVs), and over 100km of trails you can hike! It’s the perfect spot if you are interested in hiking, hunting, bird watching, snowmobiling, and horseback riding! With campgrounds, you can spend the night at, lakes to swim in, and trails to explore, you can never run out of natural splendor to enjoy in Redwater! 

Though Redwater was originally in an agricultural section of Alberta, they don’t call it an industrial heartland for nothing! Redwater is apart of a thriving part of Canada that is one of the most attractive locations for industrial work. It’s no wonder Nutrien decided to be apart of this community.

Nutrien is the third-largest nitrogen producer in the world, and our Redwater family plays a big role in supporting us. Redwater is a great rural town to live in and we are a proud member of their business community. Together we can keep on with our mission to feed the world today and for generations to come.