Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Get to Saskatoon Soon!

Saskatoon. Umm, gesundheit? No, that wasn’t the sound of a long-and-complicated sneeze, it’s just the name of a thriving metropolis in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan! The bustling city of Saskatoon sits at the bottom center of Saskatchewan and is its largest city with over 300,000 citizens. Despite its size, Saskatoon does not have that typical big-city feel. There is community here, there is culture too. The city is certainly growing but it doesn’t become overgrown. This makes it the perfect locale for budding entrepreneurs, artists, and industrialists alike.

The Paris of the Prairies

It is perhaps best to think of Saskatoon as a sort of crossroads because of its geographical location—a hub in which everything passes through. The Paris of the Prairies, as some call it, is truly a cultural center and epicenter of commerce for the province and Canada in its entirety.

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Saskatoon cradles the South Saskatchewan River and is perfect for watersport enthusiasts of all kinds. Plus, bikers, runners, and joggers will feel right at home on the 60+ kilometers of Meewasin Valley Trail. Not to mention, outdoorsy types will be

pleased to know that Saskatoon experiences all four seasons. Meaning wintertime is just as exciting for all winter sport practitioners! And, over 65 events occur here seasonally throughout the year. So whether you prefer arts and crafts or classic barbecue cooking, there is something for everyone in Saskatoon.

A Place for All

Saskatchewan may be a large province, but it feels undeniably like home. Saskatoon, though a mouth full, is chock-full of opportunities for just about anyone. It is both equally the crossroad and the destination. The city begs exploration itself and positions you to explore even more beyond the city limits. The only limit to this exploration is up to you.