The Nutrien Team in Alberta, Canada is Focused on the Future

Part of the Nutrien mission is dedicated to educating today’s youth about sustainable agriculture, and the Alberta team, including the corporate office in Calgary and all site locations as well, support programs locally that aim to fulfill this mission. In addition to education, any education partner program for Nutrien must also be based on science, align with curriculum, and teach sustainable practices that result in long-term positive change, and the Journey 2050 program checked all the boxes.

The Journey 2050 program is designed to be completed in six hours of journey with real-farm families leading you through a variety of topics related to agriculture education. It is available as a field trip in Calgary, Alberta or can be completed online anywhere. The goal of Journey 2050 is to show the current generation that present-day decisions make a large impact on the future. The entirety of the program is centered around getting participants to answer just one question: “How will we sustainably feed 9 billion people by the year 2050?”

By simulating experiences with farmers all around the world, Journey 2050 gets kids into the action. They are encouraged to make decisions and see the impact the decision makes in the future. Evoking thought and making everything seem real, the kids are able to see firsthand what happens to tomorrow when decisions are made today.

Teaching today’s youth how to be well-informed decision-makers tomorrow is something the Nutrien Alberta family is proud to be a part of in their community. So, how will we sustainably feed 9 billion people by the year 2050? Check out the website to see if you can answer that question.