The Team at Brandon Terminal is Taking Care of Business and the Environment

Nutrien’s Brandon Terminal location serves as a fertilizer terminal, distributing to three Canadian Nutrien retail divisions. The site has ten employees who work to keep things running smoothly, and the team recently realized the need for a new work vehicle to help get from one end of the sprawling site to the other. Rather than incurring the expense of a new vehicle immediately, they chose a more eco-friendly and waistline conscious option for transportation – bicycles.

Wesley Van Weert, Terminal Manager, joined the Nutrien team in Manitoba in January, and, when a new means of transport was needed, he remembered having used bicycles at other jobs in the past. The operations team had also used bicycles in the past, and everyone loved the idea. Some have even taken bikes from home to work with them. It has been a welcome change that helps to burn calories and keep emissions low.

Additional attempts at more green options have been made as well. A No Idling policy stands for the trucks coming onto the site for fertilizer shipments, which helps to save the driver’s fuel and the patrons from breathing in fumes. A switch to LED lighting is happening gradually as their energy-heavy counterparts need replacing as well.

But it isn’t just about the environment at Brandon Terminal. The team takes time to stay safe and come together too. During their busy month of May, everyone took time from their 7-day work week crunch to sit down for a meal together and a safety re-check every Friday. Sometimes, lunch had to happen in shifts since the site was so busy with loading trucks, but they all took time to sit, enjoy a steak from the local butcher, and participate in safety reminders.

With team members whose tenure spans from five months to 28 years at the Manitoba site, there is a lot of experience and fresh ideas compiled with this bunch of employees. “The biggest thing that struck me is that it’s really nice to work here. We’re all in this together, and we work as a team,” Wes Van Weert said of the location. In addition to the original welcoming vibe that can be felt by all who enter the Brandon Terminal location, everyone knows that his or her voice matters. Time is set aside at the end of each weekly safety meeting for the sole purpose of opening the floor for discussion. “Everyone gets the chance to speak, and we hear all of the opinions,” Wes said. “I’m really proud we do that here.”

The switch from trucks to bicycles and old lighting to LED lighting are great examples of the forward-thinking going on at Nutrien Brandon Terminal, and the forward-thinking atmosphere that encourages everyone to use his or her voice to express opinions and ideas reinforces the team mentality that is their site philosophy. By using their experiences and individual thought processes to work together as one unit, the Brandon Terminal team is taking care of business and the environment too.

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