Beyond its beautiful scenery and fun-loving community, Trinidad is home to the Nutrien family that works hard to create fertilizer components in one of the world’s largest nitrogen complexes. Located on Trinidad’s sheltered west coast at Port of Point Lisas, this complex holds four ammonia plants and one urea plant that produces nitrogen for fertilizers used by farmers around the world to enrich their crops. The 315 employees of the site create a culture of efficiency and safety, as well as connect to the culture of the islands of Trinidad & Tobago. 

Trinidad and Tobago is a nation made up of two islands, located off the coast of Venezuela. Trinidad is the larger of the two islands, with lush landscapes full of tropical forests and wildlife. Unlike most of its Caribbean neighbors who rely heavily on tourism, Trinidad is primarily industrial, with an emphasis on the manufacture of petroleum and petrochemicals. Most of the country’s wealth is derived from its large reserves of oil and natural gas. Well known for its rich and diverse culture, Trinidad is famous for its Carnival, Divali and Hosay celebrations. The country is the birthplace of the steelpan and music genres including calypso, soca, parang, rapso, chutney and chutney soca. The iconic steelpan, possibly the only instrument to be made from industrial waste, resonates across the globe conjuring feelings associated with sunshine and happy times, which perhaps accounts for its popularity. Given its significance  to the country’s culture, Nutrien sponsors a steel orchestra called the Nutrien Silver Stars , which performs at Carnival and throughout the rest of the year at special events. 

The Nutrien team in Trinidad not only supports the arts, but the families in the communities, as well. They work closely with the local United Way chapter in their efforts to support parents and children, as well as the local schools with the Community Awareness Emergency Response Programme. With help of local contractors, they also built community grow boxes for the schools to use in December 2020.

One unique community outreach program offered by the Trinidad Nutrien team members is the Nutrien Model Farm & Agricultural Resource Center. Launched in February 2009, the Model Farm Program trains the local farming community how to use the latest technology for higher crop yields, how to use irrigation systems, and how to use fertilizer safely and responsibly. 

As with all Nutrien sites, health and safety is always top of mind when it comes to facility operations. As Covid-19 health concerns required adjustments to the operations at the site in Trinidad, a well-loved part of their site needed to be shut down in March 2020 – the Wellness Centre. With new measures in place to mitigate health risks, the Wellness Centre team at Trinidad will be able to open again soon. New features of the centre will include self-guided workouts in lieu of group classes and floor markings to indicate safe social distancing spacing. Other efforts to keep all centre users healthy include mask requirements (and signage to remind people of proper use) as well as intensified sanitation efforts. The use of the centre will be by booking only, to effectively manage the number of persons using the facility at any time to an acceptable safe level. By following stringent safety protocols, the Wellness Centre will once again be available for Nutrien team members and their families to enjoy safely. 

This isn’t the first time that the team in Trinidad have been innovative in their approaches. In 2019, they were awarded the Q2 SIF elimination award for their underwater drone technology use, and in 2020 they were chosen for the Nitrogen Operations SIF elimination award for the Robotic Hydro Blast Cleaner at Urea Granulation. Whether they’re developing new education to help the local farmers, or integrating technology into their processes, the Nutrien team in Trinidad continues to innovate. We hope to be able to visit soon to see what a difference they make each day in their community, and enjoy the diverse cultural delights which this beautiful country offers.. Thank you for the work you do to bring nitrogen to fertilizer products around the world, and for giving tangible meaning to our purpose to “Grow our World from the Ground Up.”