Trinidad Carnival


Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago is viewed by the world collectively as the largest street party on Earth. On the Monday and Tuesday prior to Ash Wednesday annually, Carnival is celebrated by the residents of Trinidad and Tobago as parties and cultural experiences abound with bright colored costume-clad people filling the streets and parade routes in celebration of culture and heritage.

The music that plays as the backdrop to Carnival consists of traditional Trinidad and Tobago sounds like the steel drum, and our Nutrien facility there has a special tie to the Silver Stars, which is a large group of people brought together by parang and steel styles of music.

The band, now named the Nutrien Silver Stars Orchestra, started like most steel bands. It is based on community and enlists community members to play. Its purpose is to gather together with everyone as one unit and enjoy and celebrate life with music as the backdrop. The Silver Stars especially love to encourage the youth of their community to take part in the band and join in on the fun.

There is more to the Silver Stars than having fun, though. Their style and routines have wowed people for decades and earned them winning titles in the annual Panorama music competition season.

In an area that believes in community involvement, Nutrien dives into the culture and embraces the fun, vibrancy, and melody that is Trinidad. It is about more than providing a place of employment to the Nutrien family; it is about becoming a part of the place that those employees call home. Trinidad is now home to Nutrien, and taking part in the community in such a real and impactful way is something that we’re proud of as a company and as a family.