There are fads in all aspects of our lives. Fashion, food, and even fitness rotate through phases of popularity. A current sought out form of exercise is spin and cycling. For many, the month of January brings lower temperatures and potential snow flurries, but for those living in Trinidad, the weather is perfect for cycling outdoors rather than in.

Outdoor Trinidad is a valuable website for outdoor adventure seekers and stands as a platform for individuals seeking groups to adventure with. Of these groups, bicycling boasts a page of its own.outdoor_trinidad_logo

With various settings to cycle through in Trinidad, this outdoor activity appeals to a vast majority of people. Busy roads, forest paths, blue ocean views, and more natural scenes are awaiting those willing to give the sport a try.

Not only does cycling provide fantastic views of the scenery to be found in Trinidad, but cycling has also shown an increase in longevity for habitual cyclists and is associated with improved cardiovascular health. Other benefits to cycling include improved mental health and a strengthened immune system.

With so many benefits in a low-impact sport that does not negatively affect joint health while increasing metabolism, cycling is an obvious choice for those looking for a fun sport to participate in with friends or on their own.

In a way to join others with similar interests and engage in an activity that gets you outside, join the Spinn Road Team, which meets at Starlite Plaza, Diego Martin every Saturday morning at 6:00 a.m.

Check out this link if you want to learn more about cycling in Trinidad or joining the Spinn Road Team.

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