Visiting Joplin, MO

Joplin, MO  


Just Stopping into Joplin?

 Good luck just passing through, because Joplin, Missouri is sure to win you over and make you want to stay for good. Sitting at the south-western corner of Missouri, Joplin is home to over 50,000 permanent residents. The city itself was incorporated in 1873 as a thriving mining community and has had a storied history ever since. Joplin is home to famous poets and actors including Langston Hughes and Robert Cummings respectively. And it is said that the infamous duo Bonnie and Clyde took up refuge in Joplin during their various misdeeds. Even legendary inventor George Washington Carver was born in nearby Diamond, MO! So, whether you’re stopping by for an afternoon in the historic downtown area, or settling down for years to come, there is plenty to love—and learn— about this Missouri town.


State-Wide Access

Perhaps the very best aspect about Joplin is its location. The adventurer within you will surely be unable to sit still, with trips to three states less than an hour away. Kansas sits just minutes away to the west, and Oklahoma only a few minutes more to the south-west. Or, if Arkansas is striking your fancy, the state line is located just 50 minutes to the south. Close to Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.


Out to the Ozarks

What would a discussion of southern Missouri be without mention of the unforgettable Ozarks? The Ozark Mountains are home to abundant activities for the outdoorsman. Springs, streams, and rivers of all shapes and sizes dot this plateaued landscape, making it perfect for taking a dip or dipping your line in! Plus, they don’t call Missouri the “Cave State” for nothing. If you’ve ever considered taking up the exhilarating and unique pastime of caving, or spelunking as the pros call it, this is a perfect opportunity! So, get out there and explore this beautiful landscape just a step or two outside your front door in Joplin, MO!