White Springs, FL

White Springs, FL  


Spring to Life

White Springs, FL is a small town in northwestern Florida. The town itself is home to less than 1,000 permanent residents but is considered a major tourist destination in the area. White Springs, as you may have guessed, is famous for the Upper Mineral Spring that gives the town its name. People have sought after this particular spring for centuries. Throughout history, spanning from Spanish explorers in the 1500s to the American Civil War and Victorian Era, the spring was seen as a source of healing and mysticism. At one point a large bathhouse was constructed around the spring! Though the spring has all but dried up today, the architectural footprint remains, with Victorian buildings still dotting the historical district for all to see.


See you at Suwannee

The Suwannee River passes right through White Springs, FL—which means canoers, boaters, swimmers, and fishermen of every kind should rejoice. Recreation of all sorts can be had here, from bird and wildlife observation to a 170-mile boating expedition all the way to the Gulf of Mexico!


Florida Folk Festival

 The musically inclined will not want to miss this 3-day annual music festival. Some 300 performers take the stage over the course of the event, showcasing the very best of cultural tunes with a folk inspiration. And, this isn’t just a sit-and-listen sort of festival. Ever played a mandolin? Now is your chance! Participate in workshops and demonstrations for musical instruments as well as various arts and crafts. Of course, there is plenty of southern comfort food to round out the wonderful experience too!

What is clear, is that thousands have been drawn to White Springs over its long history. Whether by the spring itself or the town’s undeniable southern charm is up for debate. Either way, if you find yourself in White Springs, FL prepare for nights filled with heritage and days of exploration into this magical land.