White Springs, Florida

White Springs, Florida may be known by tourists for its historic charm and a mineral spring thought to have healing properties, but we know it best for the members of the Nutrien Family located there! White Springs is home to a Nutrien phosphate mine, which also focuses on the production of Black SPA, Green SPA (LoMag), MAP, and MST. 

The Nutrien operations at White Spring involve the expertise of 543 staff members, who are all committed to Nutrien’s core values of safety and integrity in everything they do. In 2020, the site IIR rate was .31 based on three recordables and 1 lost time, which is critical when your facility clocks in a record 6,295 hours in a year! Not only has the White Springs mine and facilities set a record number of hours in operation for a year, but in August of 2020, they had their highest production month since March of 2014. They produced 218,000 tons of material!

Even while they break productivity records at their facility, the staff at the White Springs Nutrien location take the time to give back to their local community. Noted for their volunteerism, employees support a variety of causes such as food security, sustainable agriculture, community gardens and education. The White Springs team has been a partner of the local United Way chapter for over 40 years, providing immense fundraising support and hundreds of volunteer hours over the years. They’ve even formed volunteer committees on-site to make White Springs a safer, healthier and more diverse place to work.

Never a group to sit back and rely on prior success, the White Springs Nutrien team is already looking ahead to the future. In October 2021, they will be commissioning a HFSA Plant as part of their Continuous Improvement and Sustainability Initiatives. 

With the incredible work they’ve done already at the site, we can’t wait to see what’s next for the Nutrien team located in White Springs, Florida! We are happy they are part of the Nutrien Family!