10 Healthy Picnic Snacks

To really enjoy ourselves while we’re out enjoying nature, it helps to bring a snack along! Here are some trail-ready picnic snacks you can pack for your next outdoor adventure!

  1. Granola: You can find all kinds of granola in the store these days, from plain rolled oats to mixes that include nuts, seeds, and berries. Some even incorporate honey drizzled and baked with the mix. All of these ingredients are great energy boosters to fuel your day!
  2. Apples: Sliced or whole, apples are super refreshing and give you both protein and hydration during your outdoor excursion. Keep them in a cooling bag with an ice pack for an extra refreshing treat!
  3. Trail Mix: A “traditional” trail mix uses peanuts, raisins, and chocolate chips, but you can include as many dried treats as you want. Mix up your favorite dried fruit, nut varieties, and granola nuggets for a healthy version of a hiking snack staple.
  4. Flavored Water: It’s important to keep hydrated when you’re enjoying nature. Turn your drink into a healthy treat with water flavoring packets.
  5. Berry Salad: Toss a spinach salad with raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, dried cranberries, and your favorite nuts for some extra protein. Mix in a light balsamic dressing for extra flavor. 
  6. Sandwich Rolls: toll up sliced meat and thinly cut vegetables like cucumbers in Tortilla wraps and slice into thin sections to make spiral sandwich rolls. 
  7. Oatmeal cookies: For a picnic-friendly dessert, bring oatmeal cookies along! Think of them like extra-sweet granola bars. 
  8. Cut veggies: You don’t need a whole salad to enjoy your vegetables! Cut peppers, tomatoes, and celery into sticks for easy eating when you’re out and about. 
  9. Pasta Salad: Cook up pasta and mix it with oil, olives, tomatoes, peppers, and parmesan cheese. This rich snack travels easily and can be enjoyed all day!
  10. Hummus and pita chips: Hummus is made from blended chickpeas and oil, sometimes with garlic and pepper to season. Paired with some low-carb pita chips, it’s a great anywhere snack!