5 Diet Goals That Have Nothing to Do With Losing Weight

More than likely, you’ve seen advertising from fitness companies that focus on the weight we may have gained during pandemic lockdowns this year. This article isn’t more of that, we promise! In fact, we’d like to share some “diet” resolutions you can make for 2021 that have nothing to do with your weight. These 5 diet tips will help you be healthier, and you won’t even have to worry about a number on a scale.  

  1. Drink More Water

Every cell in our body contains a large percentage of water, so if you’ve ever wanted a full-body makeover, start by getting well-hydrated! Drinking plenty of water to be well-hydrated helps your joints move easier, your heart work more efficiently, your brain keep alert, and makes your skin look better! 

  1. Increase Energy With Better Nutrition

It’s hard to hit the gym for an energy boost when you’re feeling lethargic. One way to increase your energy levels without even walking out your door is to eat a healthy diet. The key to sustaining your energy levels throughout the day is to have a good source of protein in every meal, with a minimal amount of extra fat and sugars. Carbohydrates such as bread and rice can help sustain energy levels when eaten in moderation, as well. Experts also recommend eating these high-protein meals throughout the day in smaller portions, rather than big servings just 3 times a day.

  1. Add Variety to Your Home Cooking

Sometimes, once we know a few tasty meals we can cook, we come to rely on them to feed the family throughout the week. If we have a limited selection of these meals, our diets can take a turn towards unhealthy pretty quickly. Either we get bored of the meals and rely on fast food and dining out, or the meals themselves aren’t optimal for healthy living. Try out a new selection of recipes this year among the old favorites. It will break you out of a rut and introduce new flavors to your healthy diet!  

  1. Skip the soda

Soda is one of the first things that doctors recommend ditching when it comes to improving your diet. The high fructose corn syrup, which is often used in place of real sugar, in these drinks leads to all sorts of ill effects on the body.Your liver turns most of it into harmful fats that damage your organs.  Not only that, it tricks your body into thinking that you’re not full, leading you to eat more than you actually need! 

  1. Snack Healthier

Even when we make sure our daily meals are healthy, sometimes snack food can derail any diet plan. It’s not surprising! Loaded with sodium, fats and sugars, packaged snack foods are designed to be addictive. It’s hard to break the snack habit, but you can “hack” it into a healthy one! Switch out chips, pretzels, cookies, and other snacks for healthy treats! Fruits and nuts are often just as sweet and filling as snack foods, but they won’t hurt your health in the same way. If you have a particularly tasty treat you like from the store, find out if you can make or buy a healthier version. 

We hope these suggestions for diet goals help you on whatever your health journey is this year, without worrying about the bathroom scale!