7 Foods To Keep An Eye Out For When Growing A Mustache For Movember

If you’re growing a mustache for the Movember movement, you might need to look out for some notoriously hard food to enjoy while you’re newly grown mustache is right above your lip. The best word of advice from someone with a mustache? Wet a napkin or paper towel with some warm water and wipe your mustache from top to bottom at least two times.

1- Anything With Powdered (Confectioners) Sugar

Given how hard it is to feel powdered sugar on your mustache, make sure you double-check your face after eating powdered donuts for any leftover sugar. After all, you never want to find yourself walking around with very noticeable white powder on your face. 

2- Any Drink With Foam

Whether it’s a cappuccino or a hastily poured beer, you need to keep an eye out for foam that could get into your mustache. It may not stick be as noticeable as powdered sugar, but you will definitely notice it’s there the next time food brushes against your mustache.

3- Melted Cheese

A notorious mustache mess, melted cheese can all too easily get stuck on your face. Even worse, once it cools down it becomes much much harder to remove. Be on the lookout for any food topped with melted cheese, since you might be wearing it by the time you’re finished eating.

4- Noodles

Watch out when you’re slurping noodles, because it can very easily rub off on your mustache and leave a mess. As a rule of thumb, any level of slurping involved in eating your food might be a bad idea when you’re adjusting to a mustache.

5- S’mores

While it might be a beloved treat in the United States and Canada, S’mores are definitely one of the worst foods to eat when you have a beard. All of the gooey marshmallows is already a concern, but the melted chocolate makes it all the more challenging.

6- Chicken Wings

The saucier the wings, the more you need to keep an eye out. Handling chicken wings, especially if you’re dipping them, is already a messy enough affair. Adding a mustache to that mix is way more dangerous

7- Condiment-heavy sandwiches

And of course, condiment-heavy sandwiches are a bad idea when you have a mustache. All those sauces dripping out of the sides of the sandwich might make for an intense sandwich, but it is all but guaranteed to land on your facial hair.