Are Superfoods heroes in the fight against cancer?

Do foods have superpowers? In the fight against cancer, you might have heard that they do. There are several foods that experts consider “superfoods,” which they used to describe food that contains a super-helping of beneficial nutrients. What are these foods, and how do they help us in a fight against the villain of cancer? 

Like all good heroes, there are as many myths about these foods as there are truths. So first, let’s establish what a superfood can’t do. Even though food reaches “super” status, it can’t cure cancer outright. Instead, the benefits of superfoods lie in their ability to prevent it, and minimize its effects. Their abilities all lie in the nutrients they contain. 

The name “superfood” is even a bit of a mystery. Since no single agency holds a consistent definition of the term, it’s used on a variety of foods with varying qualities. The first use of the word, “superfood,” was actually used in 1918 as a marketing ploy to sell bananas! At the time, the United Fruit company used it to describe a food that contained many beneficial nutrients in one easily-digestible form. 

The general consensus nowadays is that superfoods have an abundance of health-promoting nutrients. A diet that includes large portions of these foods has been shown to help prevent cancer, and is the ultimate goal for everyone, regardless of your risk. Foods that are considered “super” often contain high levels of nutrients such as Vitamins A, C, and D, anti-oxidants, fiber, and fatty acids. 

All sorts of fruits, vegetables, and grains have been labeled superfoods over the years, whether by nutritionists or sellers of fad diets. Above all trends, cancer experts recommend a balanced, low-fat diet to aid your overall health, and therefore improve your resistance to cancer in general. While there’s no single food that can cure cancer, a healthy diet gives you health powers of your own to help prevent it!