Best Healthy Snacks For When You’re Traveling!


This season if you’re doing some long traveling (in a car or on a plane), it’s always a good idea to plan some healthy snacks to eat. Here are some of the best ones we use to get through the holiday trips!

Fresh Fruit

The classic long trip option, fresh fruit is a great way to stay healthy on the go. No matter which you choose, they will stay good for a while after you start traveling. As long as they don’t get too bruised or squished, fruit can provide a good pick-me-up no matter how you’re traveling.

Or, Try Dried Fruit

While some of the more breakable varieties (like dried apples or pears) need to be kept safe from being crushed, dried fruit make for excellent travel snacks. With the perfect mix of crunchy and sweet, they are great options for your trip. 


While they might not help with a sweet tooth, they can certainly provide a salty snack! Nuts are a great way to maximize your protein and energy on the go and have lots of nutritional value. Even while they seem small, nuts are dense enough to provide a surprising amount of your daily nutrition at once!

Rice Cakes

Rice cakes are a great way to snack on something that won’t make you feel bad afterward, but they do come with a catch. If you allow them to become crushed or broken, they can break into dozens of little pieces, so keep an eye on them to make sure your snack is intact!


Though some of the granola brands tend to use an unhealthy amount of sugar, good granola is the perfect travel snack. Looking to shake things up a bit? Make it a trail mix with some of your other favorite snacks for even more fun!