Caffeine & Sugar Free Ways to Boost Your Concentration

When we find our attention lagging, we often reach for two quick food solutions: caffeine and sugar. These two chemicals help our brains in a lot of ways, but only in moderation. Here are some ways to boost your concentration throughout your workday, without relying on the mental effects of caffeine and sugar. 


If you are able to listen to music while working, a good soundtrack can help you focus no matter what’s going on in the rest of your workplace. There are lots of free streaming services that have playlists dedicated to productivity. A playlist of favorite songs can get you feeling productive, too! If you aren’t able to listen to music in your workplace, make time to listen to your favorite feel-good songs before you start the day’s tasks.  It will start your work day on a good note!

Try a “Reverse” to-do list

Studies have shown that once you break your concentration from a task at hand, it can take up to 25 minutes to return to full focus. Even quick breaks can add up. If you find yourself distracted, try making a “reverse to-do list.” Write distractions down as tasks to do later, then return to your current task. The act of writing them down tricks your brain into feeling rewarded by a short break, and you will keep the focus on your actual to-do list. 

Make a “Five more minutes” Rule for your Work Flow

Just like the “Reverse To-Do List,” a “Five More Minutes” Rule flips a common habit on its head. When you are in the flow of a task but sense a distraction threatening to disrupt you, tell yourself that you’ll give your task just “Five More Minutes” before you take a break. This gives us something to accomplish and gives you a positive outlook on your task. Instead of counting down until you’re off the clock, you see the task in a more positive light, and making it through the extra five minutes gives you a confidence boost to continue on. You’re proving to yourself that you CAN get this done!

Need some Help?

These are just a few suggestions on how to boost your focus, feel free to try them out! Of course, if it’s hard to concentrate the majority of the time and you feel like it’s affecting your work, you can get the help of trained professionals to determine if you are suffering from undiagnosed adult ADHD. There are lots of treatment plans that can help!