Change Up Your Routine With International Cuisine

What’s one way you can experience the world without leaving your home? International food! Learning about the delicious foods of cultures all around the world can bring us all closer together, even while we are far apart. 

Here are some tips from some global foodies on cooking meals from all over the world!

Comfort Food is Universal

Meals that are normally cooked at home can often be simple dishes. They also use less specialized equipment. Use this to your advantage when learning another culture’s recipes. Look for recipes that are made as a meal for family dinner in your culture of choice, and you will set yourself up for a tasty success! 

Learn About Herbs and Spices

When you’re cooking the cuisine of a new region, it’s as important to learn about the kinds of spices that they use as it is to know the ingredients of each dish. Did you know that there are hundreds of recipes that all involve the potato, from cultures all over the world? What makes them all unique is the cultural flavors brought to the dishes through each region’s mix of spices! 

Fresh Ingredients Make the World Go Round 

The best way to enjoy any recipe is to use fresh ingredients as much as possible. The same is true of most international cuisine! Switching from canned, dried, or powdered forms of ingredients to fresh can help you get the best possible version of any country’s dish. And, if you can’t find it at your regular grocery store, see if you have an international grocery nearby that might have it. They often have great deals on ingredients, too!