Easy Earth-Friendly Food Choices

Every aspect of our life impacts the environment in some way, but nothing affects our world quite like the production and consumption of food! As one of the largest participants in the global food supply chain, Nutrien works hard to minimize its impact on the Earth and leave it thriving for future generations. There are easy choices you can make on an individual level to make sure your family does the same. Here are some ideas to make your home menu more earth-friendly! 

Look for Local

As often as you can, buy directly from farmers at places like farmer’s markets. This not only helps with food production costs but also contributes to the local economy! You may even be surprised at some of the deals you can get when buying from the person who grew the fruits and vegetables you want. Local food doesn’t always have to be fresh produce, either. If you have a local butcher, ask them about purchasing meat from farmers raising livestock in your community. Want to treat yourself to a nice meal out? Restaurants are starting to love local more and more! Look for a restaurant promoting the work of local farmers. 

Pick Reusable, Recyclable Packaging

Food in grocery stores is often transported in a lot of excess plastic packaging. While this is often necessary to preserve food during long shipping times, there are many companies looking for alternatives. Brands are starting to substitute aluminum bags for compostable ones, and even some plastics are being made out of biodegradable substitutions. Restaurants have even started offering to-go servings in compostable containers. Does your favorite restaurant still use styrofoam to pack up your leftovers? Ask if they’ll consider more earth-friendly options in the future. All of our efforts to reduce single-use plastics in our food packaging can not only reduce waste in landfills but minimize the demand for it in the first place. 

Get creative with leftovers and scraps

Eating leftovers is a great way to conserve energy and use all your ingredients before buying new groceries, but it can sometimes feel like a chore to eat the same thing for days on end. Get creative and remix the leftovers by changing them into a new dish! Adding new sauces and ingredients can reinvigorate a dish and get your creative cooking muscles flexing. Also, items that are often seen as scraps can be saved for vegetable and meat stocks, and you can help out a gardener in your life by starting a compost pile.