Happy National Nutrition Week! 3 Unique Ways to Celebrate

Vegetarian man mixing vegetable salad in bowl

We’re celebrating healthy nutrition on September 1-7! What are some of the choices you’ll make this week to make sure your body gets the nutrients it needs? Here are some fun ways to be more aware of your daily vitamins, minerals, and the food fuel to power everything you do! 

Plan a Healthy Dinner Tournament Bracket

With your family, choose a week’s worth of healthy dinner recipes to try, or bring back some of their family favorites to determine a lineup for a Healthy Dinner Tournament. Then, each day after you finish the meal, rank where the dinner falls on your flavor scale. Do this every night until the end of the week. What was your family’s Healthy Dinner Winner? 

Taste Test Competition

Help your family get to know some new fruits and veggies by having a blind taste testing night! Pick up fruits and vegetables you don’t typically buy at the grocery store. Let your family see each one before blindfolding them. Have them guess which of the foods they are tasting. They might be surprised to find a new favorite! 

Create Art With Your Food

We’ve all heard that we shouldn’t play with our food, but it’s perfectly ok to be creative with it! Pick a healthy dinner this week to become your inspiration. Cook it up like you regularly would, but before dishing it up, have each of your family members make a creative plating of the entree, salad, and sides. You can look up food television dishes for inspiration. Make sure to get photos! Putting a fun new twist on well-known dinners can get the whole family engaged in cooking up healthy meals!