Healthy Weight Week: The Difference Between Dieting and Lifestyle Change

Dieting is not necessarily an unhealthy way to lose weight, but thinking of it as a lifestyle change can dramatically improve behavior in a better way.

Losing Weight By Dieting Isn’t Wrong, But It’s Not The Full Picture

While nutritionists believe that the best way to lose weight involves changing what you eat, choosing a new diet based on its popularity is not a sustainable answer for most people. Weight loss coaches and nutritionists have started moving away from the term “dieting” because of its attachment to a sudden and rigid change to what people eat, which is very very difficult to stick to. Even worse, when it’s not attached to physical exercise, diets do not create dramatic weight loss, which can be disheartening.

Lifestyle Changes Are Larger, But Easier To Accept

Though “lifestyle changes” include more elements such as physical exercise, the times you eat meals, or even when you sleep, they are much easier changes to slowly introduce into your day. Lifestyle changes aren’t about creating unbreakable rules you have to follow the moment you start, it’s about making small changes over time to become healthier and healthier. 

Lifestyle Changes Are More Flexible

Rather than having you eat mostly meat or stop eating for large periods of time, lifestyle changes are created for your exact situation. Goals might be set around snacking too much or going out to eat for too many lunches. What matters more is that you make a lasting change to your life, rather than a sudden dramatic one. Over time, these small changes can stack up to a huge change in your life. Diets will normally fade after the first month.

Are you looking to make lifestyle changes for the New Year? Don’t do it alone! Talk to a local nutritionist, join a fitness group, or connect with family or friends who are making similar goals!