How To Grow Vegetables for Dinner!

Spring is here and it’s time to start planting! Not only can you grow food, but it is much more fun and healthier to eat!


Vegetables You Can Grow


Broccoli is one of the best vegetables to grow in your garden for a simple reason: once you harvest, it will immediately start to grow a new head! Just keep the seeds 18 to 24 inches across and regularly water once a week!


One of the first vegetables to grow, peas are great in the early spring and late summer! They stop growing in the summer heat though, so be on the lookout for any summer days hotter than 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Sow your peas 2 inches apart and make sure you leave them with something to climb!


While the planting depends on the type of tomato you’re growing, the end result will be a very tasty treat! Tomatoes are one of the most delicious foods you can grow because they are at their most flavorful right after you pluck it from the vine. Just be on the lookout for worms that might want to get the first bite!

Some Easy Tips For Planting

Choose A Spot With Plenty Of Sun

Check with your instructions first, but you want to pick a spot with the exact right amount of sun. Too much and you risk burning your plants. Too little and they won’t be able to grow fast enough to create good vegetables.

Make Sure You Don’t Overwater

Watering your plants is one of the most important tasks associated with growing food. Check to make sure you know exactly how much water to use on each plant, and make sure you feel the soil first. Sometimes recent rain can do your job for you, so don’t overdo it by accident!

Keep An Eye Out For The First Frost

Freezing temperatures can be deadly for your ripe vegetables. Make sure when you see the weather forecast for the first frost of the season you harvest everything you want to eat. Otherwise, you might lose your precious crops to the winter!