Plant Veggies Now for an Abundant Spring Garden

Even in the coldest areas, March signals that Spring really is right around the corner. Last fall, we suggested some projects you could work on to get your garden ready for Spring. Now, it’s time for the fun part – growing your crops! Add fresh veggies to your family’s meals for cheap with these easy-to-grow Spring veggies. 

Before you start, there’s an important element that you’ll need to keep in mind: Your area’s last frost date. Every location has an average date of the last frost for the year, which is the time when most plants will be safe from freezing temperatures. Of course, you’ll have to keep an eye on the weather and be ready to protect your plants in the case of an off-season snow storm, but the last frost date is generally when you can expect to plant with few complications. Different countries have a variety of resources for learning this information, but Googling, “Last frost date” and your city or province typically works. 

If you’re buying seeds, pay attention to the planting time recommended on their packaging. Some seeds can be started before the last frost date, such as spinach, kale, lettuce, and peas. Leafy greens do well in cooler temperatures, so they are perfect for Spring! If you’re looking for no-hassle planting, look to your local garden supply center for plants that have already been started. You can buy a handful of lettuce plants for the same price as a restaurant salad, and have greens all season long! 

As the weather warms up, your leafy vegetables might start wilting in the hot afternoon sun, and that’s ok. Make plans for your summer plantings of tomatoes, peppers, corn and cucumbers now, too. That way, as the spring plants start to fade, you’ll have fresh, heat-loving crops to replace them. The leafy greens won’t be gone long, either. Those cool-weather crops will be perfect for planting in the fall, too! 

Enjoy your spring gardens and all the delicious veggies for your family!