Recipe: Healthy, but Tasty Pumpkin Spice Cake for Fall

With the cool breezes of fall in the air, and everything “pumpkin spice” returning to coffee shops and grocery stores, we thought it was the perfect time to try a healthy pumpkin spice cake recipe! It’s just the right amount of sweet cake, with whole wheat flour and low-fat icing to keep it healthy. Enjoy this delicious Pumpkin Spice Cake as a seasonal dessert, or even a breakfast! It goes perfectly with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.  If you try this recipe out, let us know! We’d love to see pictures of your creations. 

Cake Ingredients: 

2 1/2 cups whole wheat flour

1 2/3 cup coconut sugar

1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda

1 teaspoon Kosher salt

1/4 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon ground cloves

1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg

2 eggs

1 1/2 cups pumpkin purée

1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

1/4 cup coconut oil, melted

Cream Cheese Glaze: 

1/2 cup low-fat cream cheese, softened

1/4 cup honey

1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/2 cup chopped pecans


For the Cake: 

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease and flour a 9″ x 13″ cake pan.
  2. In  large mixing bowl, combine all the dry ingredients
  3. Whisk dry ingredients thoroughly together and set aside. 
  4. Add the remaining ingredients in a separate bowl. Whisk until combined.
  5. Pour wet ingredients into the dry ingredients. Stir them together with a large spoon just until they are completely combined, then stop. 
  6. Pour into cake pan and bake 45 – 50 minutes. The cake is done when a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.

For the Cream Cheese Glaze: 

  1. In a mixing bowl, whip together the cream cheese, honey, and cinnamon. 
  2. Whip on high speed until thin. 
  3. Drizzle on top of cake, sprinkle with pecans.