Why Kids Love Their Afternoon Snack

Some beloved childhood memories can be made with a simple after school snack. But why do kids love it so much? It’s not just a tasty treat. A snack after school helps brain development, stress relief, and family bonding! Here are some reasons to give kids a healthy snack after they finish their school day.

Refuels them after a long day

Even with a healthy breakfast and lunch, kids can feel drained after a long day of schoolwork. Whether they are participating in virtual classes at a home desk or going to the classroom again, experts in child development recommend high protein snacks in the afternoon.  This will replenish the energy your young scholars used up paying attention to their learning all day. 

A Chance to Tell You About Their Day

Some kids might come home from school bursting with stories about what they learned, who they talked to, and what their teacher said to them. Others might be happy to leave those stories at the door. But If you are able, take some time to sit with them while they rest from the school day and refuel. You might learn some great insights! If you work during the day and can’t be there physically, try texting or calling your kid to catch up. It will mean a lot to them, and they’ll remember that you were interested in what they had to say. 

A Moment to Decompress

All kids need some downtime during the day. An afternoon snack can be just the right time to take a break. Even if they feel energetic for most of the day, a quiet moment to reflect will help your kids be more attentive in the evening to family time and homework. Encourage them to put down the phone, texting, and avoid the computer for just a few minutes each day so their mind has time to process everything that’s happening around them.