10 Exercise Routines That Only Take 15 Minutes A Day

Fitness doesn’t have to take up a lot of your free time. Doing activities that get your heart rate up for just 15 minutes every day can increase your lifespan and lower your stress!  Whether you want high-intensity workouts or low-impact stress relievers, there are lots of great exercise routines you can fit into a short time frame. Start your journey to a regular workout routine with one of these fun fitness activities!

  1. Core Workouts: Make a short playlist of your favorite dance tunes and use them to make a core workout routine. For each song, change it up between situps, side twists, plank exercises, and back to situps with your legs extended. The music will keep you moving and motivated!
  1. Jump Rope: Remember jumping rope as a kid? You may need to re-learn the basics, but with a little practice, jump ropes are a great 15-minute exercise for the whole body! 
  1. Hula Hooping: The hula hoop is another nostalgic favorite from elementary school that’s great for a quick fitness fix! Look for a modern hoop offered by sellers online for adults. Kid’s hoops aren’t large enough. The correctly sized hoop can be a fun way to get your heart pumping and, as you learn, get yourself laughing, too! 
  1. Yoga: There are lots of short yoga sequences available online. Find one perfect for your skill level, from beginner to expert! Yoga goes beyond stretching and activates your muscles in a low-impact way that’s friendly to people of all abilities.
  1. Zumba: Zumba is the perfect 15-minute fitness boost! It gets your whole body moving and the heart pumping! Plus, there are great mental benefits to dancing that you’ll enjoy every time you put on a Zumba track! Try an online virtual class or a routine from Youtube to get started, you won’t regret it. 
  1. Dumbbell routines: Making a routine with dumbbells is a great way to fit a quick workout into your day. Here’s a great list of dumbbell exercises you can do with all sizes of single-hand weights. Pick a series of dumbbell exercises that work a variety of muscle groups for your full-body, fifteen-minute session. New to weights? Start with 5-pound dumbbells. If that’s too easy, go to 10 or 15! Just make sure you can maintain proper form with each added pound. 
  1. Burpees: They might have a funny name, but burpees are a serious workout! Here’s how to do a basic burpee: Begin in a squat position with hands on the floor in front of you. Kick your feet back to a pushup position. Immediately return your feet to the squat position. Leap up as high as possible from the squat position. You can change it up, too! Hold your pushup position longer, or vary the jumps you do at the end of each burpee. 
  1. Lunges: A lunge is a simple movement where you slowly make a kneeling motion but don’t lower your knee all the way to the ground. Even though you take it slow, it can quickly have you feeling the effort! You can lunge in lines directly in front of you, or side to side. Combine the kneeling motion with reaching your toes with your fingertips to engage your whole body. 
  1. Aerobic steps: Aerobics is still a great form of exercise, even if the 80s spandex outfits are out of fashion. With just a small step platform you can get a full workout in under 15 minutes. Alternate between stepping up with either foot, then jumping, side-stepping onto the platform, then lifting your knees high with each step up. Not only does this make for a great short fitness routine, but it also helps with balance, too! 
  1. Combine Your Routines!: Looking for even more ways to fit a quick workout in your busy schedule? Combine some of the routines you see here in shorter increments! Varying your fitness routines can keep you from getting bored with any one activity, and it’s fun to try a little bit of everything! 

There are many more routines you can include in your day to start working out in 15 minutes! What should you look for in a short fitness routine? Activities that involve your whole body and get your heart rate up are best. Oftentimes, these routines are labeled as High-Intensity Interval Training. They are designed to get your heart rate up quickly and get you sweating! Whatever activity you do, just 15 minutes a day can be a great start to making a difference in your life with fitness!