5 Volunteer Activities That Keep You Fit

We’ve explored the overall benefits of volunteering on this blog before, but what about volunteer activities that keep you fit? It’s easy to find a volunteer opportunity that keeps you active, and helps others in the process! Here are some ideas for combining your workout routine with giving back to the community.

  1. House construction

There are several organizations that build houses for families and individuals in need. Even though it’s tough work, huge teams of volunteers can help construct a house in just a few days! If you swap out lifting weights for lifting beams of lumber and wheelbarrowing supplies, you’ll see that volunteering can definitely keep you fit and healthy! 

  1. Roadside cleanup

Do you enjoy a nice walk, fresh air, and sunshine? It might seem odd to think of these things along with picking up trash alongside the road, but that’s exactly what you’ll get when you volunteer for a roadside cleanup. Plus, you’ll know you helped your community look its best, and you got harmful pollutants out of the natural environment!

  1. Fundraising runs – virtual too!

This year, hundreds of traditional fundraising runs may have been canceled due to concerns for COVID-19, but just as many virtual runs were created to get people moving for a good cause! Like the in-person events, virtual runs raise funds for various charities. They are often easier to finish, though, because they don’t have to be done all at once. Registrants can often complete the mileage of the run over the course of a few days or weeks, making it the perfect time for a running beginner to participate! 

  1. Walk rescue dogs

Does your community have an animal shelter? There’s a good chance the dogs in the shelter haven’t had a good walk in a while. Give them a chance to stretch their legs while you stretch yours! Lots of animal shelters have programs where you can take dogs on field trips for the day, giving them, and yourself, a great chance to exercise. 

  1. Community Gardening

Not everyone may think they have a green thumb, but we can all enjoy locally grown, fresh vegetables and food! Regardless of your ability to grow plants, there is always something you can help with on a community garden plot. You’ll get active and connect with new friends with healthy food grown right in your neighborhood. Even if all you can do is mow the grass or weed once or twice a week, you’ll contribute to the local economy and health in a big way!