A Workout for Every Body: Finding What’s Right for You

Have you ever tried working out, only to feel like it was torture? Getting active for our health should be something you enjoy, rather than feel like a punishment. While fitness routines might be challenging, people will stick with them when they feel engaged and satisfied with the activity. This is different for everyone! One person may enjoy an activity that another will hate. Some people like repetitive actions, others get bored. If you’ve tried one workout routine and quit before making your fitness goals, give a different type of activity a try. You just might not have found what’s right for you yet! 

Here are some questions to ask yourself to find the perfect workout for you. 

How Active Are You Now?

Whenever you start a workout routine, take stock of how active you currently are before diving in. “Zero to 60” might work for a car, but people take a little more time to get used to the gym life! Whether you’re going on runs, lifting weights, dancing, or doing yoga, increase the intensity in small amounts when you’re starting out. Look for beginner classes or get training from a professional if you are unsure of where to start. 

What Are Your Goals?

When choosing a fitness regimen, take some time to think about what your goals are by working out. Make them as specific as you can. Instead of “I want to get healthy,” try focusing instead on a goal like, “I want to improve my blood pressure.” Your goals will change the type of fitness activity you choose. For example, you wouldn’t want to focus entirely on weightlifting if your goal is to lose weight, you would need some cardio exercise, as well. You can have multiple goals and they can change throughout your life, of course. Goals just help you choose an activity that will help you feel the biggest reward for your effort.  

How Much Time Do You Have For Fitness?

Sometimes people don’t give up on getting healthy because a fitness routine is too hard, sometimes they give it up when their life gets hectic and they no longer have the time. As you look for a workout you love, think about how much time during the day or week you have available. There are many workouts that can be done in short time frames, and even some at home. If you don’t have much spare time in your busy schedule, try a fifteen minute exercise to see if you can keep up with it between everything you have going on.