Best with a Buddy: 5 Exercises That Are Even More Fun with Friends

There are lots of websites and phone apps out there that give you a way to track your exercise routine and keep yourself accountable. While they can be somewhat social at times, the best accountability partners are always going to be your friends! 

In honor of the International Day of Friendship celebrated July 30, why not use your time for exercise to strengthen your physical health AND your bond with your friends? Here are 5 ways you can work out with a buddy! Of course, some of these might need to be limited until you’re feeling safe about recent health concerns, but you can do a lot of these even if you’re at home with a spouse or roommate!

  1. Go on a Walk, Hike, or a Run. Hanging out with friends doesn’t always have to be at a house or in a crowded place like a bar. Getting out and exploring with your friends opens a whole new world of fitness opportunities! Depending on your physical fitness levels and local landscapes, you might have to choose between a walk, a hike, or a run… or you can alternate between all three!
  1. Medicine Ball Passes. Medicine balls are a versatile fitness tool that can give you an all-over workout on your own. But add a friend and you’ll get twice the results! You can incorporate them into partner sit-ups bypassing each time you sit up or work your legs and core by squatting back-to-back and passing it in a circle to each other. See how many ways you can incorporate medicine ball passes into your routine!
  1. Partner Yoga. Even beginners can do yoga with a buddy! Besides keeping each other on a regular schedule for practice, there are lots of stretches in yoga poses that are deepened with the gentle help of a partner. For example, instead of just sitting and reaching for your toes, a partner can pull your arms gently to deepen the stretch further than you could go on your own. Here are some examples of yoga poses from that you can do with a friend!
  1. Resistance Band Exercises. Resistance bands can be a fun and effective way to use your own bodyweight to build your strength. It’s even better when you’re working with a friend.  Think of it as a never-ending tug of war! You can both work your triceps by facing each other and pulling backward on the band, or you can work your legs by having one friend hold the band at your head while you pull it down with your feet. Another move that will get you laughing is to have one of you hold the ends of the band in place, while another tries to run away with it wrapped around their chest. 
  1. Body Weight Exercises. What can you do when you don’t have any kind of equipment to work with, but a fun workout partner? Use your own bodyweight! No, you don’t have to be able to bench press an entire grown man. There are lots of moves you can do! One partner can hold another’s feet during sit-ups, or take turns pulling each other up with your hands from a seated position. If you really trust each other, grip your hands together, stretch a foot out, and lower slowly down one leg for a great lower-body workout!