Dance the Day Away – For Your Health!

When was the last time you really boogied down and danced? Whether you’ve been missing the gym or want a fun way to start getting in shape, there’s never been a better time to bust a move. 

There are many different kinds of formal dance forms. Some community dances might not be an option right now due to COVID-19 concerns, but the internet makes it easy to get started on learning solo steps and techniques. 

What are some of the health benefits of dancing? 

Besides burning calories, dancing can boost your mood and help delay or prevent the onset of several mental illnesses such as depression and dementia. Doctors even use dance to treat some patients with Parkinson’s disease

The Mayo Clinic recommends 30 minutes of activity per day that raises your heart rate in order to stay healthy. You can easily build a playlist of your favorite songs that get you moving for the recommended time. Plus, if you’re currently unable to go to the gym, it’s the perfect way to keep your fitness level up while you’re at home! 

How do I get started?

Even though dance has been a part of human cultures for millennia, it doesn’t always come naturally. While there’s nothing stopping you from inventing your own dance form in your living room, there are some healthy guidelines to follow when you’re a beginner at any type of activity. 

Do a physical wellness check-in. 

Doctors recommend you consult a health professional with any new physical activity. If you have underlying illnesses or chronic ailments, there are ways that your dance education can accommodate them to prevent injury. Ensure that you have the correct equipment for dance, too. Some dance forms may require special shoes, flooring, and other items to help keep you safe. A reputable instructor will make sure to share this information. 

Find your instructor. 

In-person classes are most likely on pause until the global pandemic subsides, but there are thousands of resources online to take your first step into dance. Local dance studios have started streaming their classes online, sometimes for free!  Skillshare and Youtube are sites where instructors from all over the world can post videos of classes and routines, all at different skill levels.

Have Fun! 

The best part of learning how to dance in your own house is that it can be as fun as you want it to be! Take it as slow as you need to make sense of the material. You can dance to your favorite music, or find new tunes. If you can get your family in on the fun, even better! While the physical benefits of dance are definitely a great reason to start, it’s a great stress reliever, too. 


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