Don’t Hibernate! How to Stay Active in Any Weather

No matter where you’re living, there are seasons when exercising outside is especially tough.  In places like Canada in the Northern Hemisphere, winters can be a challenge as temperatures drop below freezing. There are other places where summer heat can beat the most fit athletes. So how do you keep active when the great outdoors aren’t so nice, and you don’t have access to a gym? Here are some tips for staying active in any weather.

Find small-space solutions

When your weather makes you move your workouts indoors, you might have to get creative with small-space solutions. Examine your favorite fitness activities like running, biking, or hiking and you’ll find a part of it you can replicate in your own home. For example, if you miss the scenery of a great hike, put on a nature documentary while you do a home work out. If you get bored with running or biking in place, put on a new music playlist or even a podcast to keep your mind engaged. There’s lots of things you can do to avoid boredom with indoor exercise. Add new elements regularly to see what you like! 

Take an at-home virtual fitness class

This year there’s no shortage of fitness classes you can attend virtually over video calls. With an instructor following your progress, these are fantastic for staying motivated. If you know roughly how long your most extreme weather will last, invest in a class series that will keep you coming back week after week. Even virtual classes help you connect to others who are working just as hard as you to stay fit! Nutrien employees have access to a variety of virtual classes hosted right here on the wellness hub, take a look at the schedule!

Do a social media fitness challenge

Another great way to connect to others wanting to stay motivated is to participate in a social media fitness challenge. These challenges use hashtags that users will post with a photo or video of their daily workout. They are often started by fitness instructors and coaches, and some have giveaways for those who complete them! Social media challenges are a great way to keep yourself motivated to stay active in all seasons, and make new friends! 

Get the right gear

It’s understandable if nothing will replace being active outside. Sunlight and fresh air are a big part of why people take up hobbies that get them out of the house. If your hobby is tough to keep up with in extreme weather, invest in the gear that makes it easier. 

For cold climates, there are lots of innovative garments that can keep you warm, even heated jackets and gloves! Thermal and moisture-wicking underlayers prevent sweat from cooling on your skin while trapping body heat, and waterproof outer layers keep rain and snow from affecting you. 

In hotter climates, hydration is key. A backpack-style water bottle paired with breathable fabrics will keep you from overheating. Don’t forget the sunscreen, no matter the temperature outside!