Exercise vs Weight Loss


Are you looking to lose weight, or are you looking to get into exercise? While they are linked, they’re not the same thing. Generally, people think about starting a new exercise program with the hope that it will help them lose weight, but many don’t understand that there is actually some weight gain depending on what exercise program is started. For example, for those who are trying to tone up their physique they may envision lean muscles, but forget that muscle weight weighs more than fat.

What’s the difference? Well, what does it take to lose weight? Simply put, it’s a numbers game. If we burn more calories than we take in, we lose weight. Conversely, the more calories that you take in without exercising, that’s when we start gaining weight.

Now, weight loss is a natural result of exercise, but that doesn’t mean people who aren’t looking to shed extra pounds should skip the gym. Exercise has been proven to have significant health benefits both physically and psychologically, making time spent in the gym worth it for your own well-being. A consistent fitness regimen can aid in building lean muscle, which in turn increases metabolism while improving blood flow, heart health, an increase in your resting metabolic rate, and boosting lung function.

The benefits of physical activity are almost too many to mention, but upping your physical activity doesn’t have to mean beginning a new exercise program. Look around this website and check out some other articles – there’s one “The Benefits of Physical Activity” that might give you a better idea of things you can add to your life without having to join a gym.

Easier than joining a gym for weight loss is changing your food habits. One thing that you’ll find about weight-loss everywhere is that what you eat is as important, if not more important, as your activity level. You’ve heard the idiom: you are what you eat. Well, if weight loss is your goal the first thing you need to do is reevaluate your diet.

Whether you decide to join a gym, take up running, or simply change your diet, figuring out which direction you want is a huge first step. Keep up with your research on physical health and keep seeking out ways to improve your quality of life!