Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun

Finding the Right Outdoor Activity for You

With summer getting into full swing, the weather is perfect for spending time outside. While lounging in the hammock with a good book is a great way to spend a summer afternoon, the outdoors also offers great opportunities to add some variety to your workout routine!


summer_activity1• Walking – Ditch the treadmill and take your walking outside! Walking relieves stress while not causing too much stress on your joints. Spice up the walk by going to a park and taking in some beautiful sights while you’re burning those calories!

• Go on a Bike Ride – While the weather is nice, trade your stationary cycling for a bike ride outside. Still low impact, but at a faster pace, biking offers a great chance to take in nature as well. Or work biking into your busy schedule and help the environment by riding your bike to the grocery store or coffee shop!

• Outdoor Yoga – Find an outdoor yoga class in your area or take your yoga mat out to your own backyard to switch up your workout routine!

• Swimming – When the sun gets a little too hot for comfort, head on over to the neighborhood pool and swim a few laps. You’ll get a great workout without all the sweating!

• Kayaking – Head out to the lake or river and take in some beautiful scenic views while kayaking. It’s a great way to workout your arms and core without all those crunches! Pack a picnic lunch and make a day of it!


• Running – This go-to outdoor exercise burns tons of calories and relieves stress. Take your run to one of your favorite parks to enjoy nature during your workout!


• Sports – Get some friends together and go play a game of flag football outside. You won’t even realize you’re exercising because of all the fun you’re having! Check to see if your business or community has any intermural teams you can participate in or start your own weekly competition with friends and family. And flag football isn’t your only option for team building and calorie burning fun—your options are pretty expansive, but here is a short list to get you started:

• Basketball
• Baseball
• Soccer
• Ultimate Frisbee
• Disc Golf
• Volleyball

Whatever you choose to do to enjoy the great outdoors, staying hydrated is also a key to a healthy lifestyle; so don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Don’t forget the sunscreen either—playing in the sun is fun, but getting burned by its harmful rays is not.

Now go enjoy some fun in the sun while also reaping the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle!