Green Up Your Routine With Eco-Friendly Fitness

Are you looking for ways to reduce your footprint on the environment? One part of our routine that can easily go “green” is our fitness activities Check out some of the ways you can tweak your routine while doing what’s best for the environment. 

Sustainable Gear

A lot of natural resources go into the equipment that is used in the fitness world, and not all of it is great for the environment. A few ways to make sure your gear is green is to use a reusable water bottle, make homemade high-protein snacks, donate or recycle your old workout clothes and shoes, and buy your equipment from companies with sustainable business practices that use renewable resources. 

Go Outdoors!

Take your fitness activities into the environment to help the environment! Lots of fitness activities can be enjoyed outside of the walls of a gym. This saves electricity for things like AC and heat, and you’ll save money on gas, too! Beyond walking or running, you can also jump rope, bike, kayak, and some cities even have workout equipment in local parks. 

Find a Green Gym

If you prefer working out in the gym, that’s ok! Gyms have been working on making their facilities even more Earth-friendly. Look for low-electricity options to work out at the gym, like running the track instead of the treadmill, or using mechanical stationary bikes rather than a high-tech one. 

You can also pick a gym that’s close to home to save on gas. If your gym doesn’t already have a water bottle filling station, request one! Lastly, after your workout, you can shorten your cool-down shower, use lukewarm water, and bring your own towel from home to minimize the gym’s energy consumption for laundry.