Healthy New Year’s Resolutions


The start of a new year means the start of New Year’s resolutions. You’re going to be another year older and another year wiser at some point during the course of 2018, so use that impending wisdom to choose a New Year’s resolution that will get you on the right track to living a healthy lifestyle.

The old cliché resolution of getting in shape and losing weight will be at the top of a lot of lists for the year’s new beginnings, but there are many other options that can impact overall health and wellness as well. For instance, resolving to stay in touch with family and friends on a more consistent basis has health benefits like provoking healthy meal choices and reducing stress levels. Another example is to quit a bad habit like smoking or too-frequent alcohol consumption.

New Year’s resolutions to get healthy can extend past physical health into other realms like financial health. Work on saving more than spending in 2018 by making grocery lists prior to entering the store and blindly shopping or creating a monthly budget and sticking to it. Financial health and wellness can also reduce stress levels and worry, so there are emotional benefits to this resolution as well.

Another way to increase overall health is to be happy. Positivity is proven to make one 20% less likely to have a heart attack or develop heart disease according to an article on, so get happy. Some examples of things to do to increase happiness are helping others through volunteering and traveling to places you’ve never been with people you love.

Our final idea for a New Year’s resolution to get healthy is to get some sleep. Sleep has both emotional and health benefits. Not only will a good night’s sleep impact your mood and appearance, but lack of sleep has been linked to greater risks of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Taking that afternoon nap is definitely excusable when you consider the benefits of taking the time for those z’s.

Though there are many examples here, these are not all of the possibilities available to you for a healthier year in 2018. If none of these are exactly what you think you need, then don’t feel limited by the options. Customize your resolution to you. It’ll be easier to keep it if you take the time to pick the right one for you.