How to Select a Gym – Is It Right for Me?

Blurred of fitness gym background for banner presentation.

With the new year, just around the corner, many people will start to think about changes they’d like to make. One resolution that finds itself on most New Year Resolution lists is getting in shape. Especially around January gyms start to offer great incentives to join, but the process can be overwhelming. The question becomes, “How do I select a gym,” and, “Is it even right for me?”

For those of you who are certain that a gym is the next step, let’s talk about the selection process and what should be considered:

  1. Where It’s Located

The location of the gym is the most important factor to consider. If it is inconvenient to get to the gym from your house or work, you might start making excuses to stop going. Finding a conveniently located gym will also help to make scheduling your routine easier.

  1. Cost

The cost of a gym membership is a big reason why people shy away from joining. The question of, “will I even go enough for it to be worth it?” has been asked by most anyone considering joining. However, there are good times to be looking. For example, after summer ends and after New Years are two of the best times to shop around for discounted rates. Although there are good times to join, make sure you read the contract (if applicable) carefully; some contracts are up to three years with increasing prices.

  1. Options & Quality

What classes does the gym offer? Do you want to take classes? If you’re going before/after work, how are the locker rooms? Are the facilities clean? These questions are things you need to ask yourself. Some people do better in a group setting, or would prefer to take a spinning class instead of weight lifting, but having the options is important.

These are just three considerations that need to be weighed, but they don’t answer the question, “Is it right for me?” How do you know if a gym membership is right for you? A simple way to figure this out is to test-drive a few gyms, if they offer a trial, and to try out some at-home workout plans.

There are several avenues available for those who would prefer to work out at home. You can find apps that will track your running, help with yoga, show stretches, and you can even find great routines on YouTube. However, you need to try both to see which is the right fit for you. Some people are better alone, and others need to be around people doing the same thing for motivation.

Just remember, asking yourself these questions is a huge step in the right direction for your physical health. So, good for you, and good luck!