How to Use Household Items as Exercise Equipment

Domestic Life: House wife removing towels from clothes dryer to Laundry basket

There are dozens of excuses to not go to the gym or workout, but one of the most common excuses is the lack of hours in a day. After working all day, shuffling children to various extracurricular activities, or being a part of an extra committee or organization, many people do not have the stamina left to squeeze in a visit to the gym. Just because the extra travel time keeps you from going to a fitness facility, it doesn’t mean you have to skip the workout altogether. There are plenty of tools at your disposal within the house that can keep you on track with your fitness goals.

Laundry detergent, for example, weighs about the same as an actual hand weight at the gym. Use the detergent bottle while doing squats or lunges to make a leg workout a full body workout, or do lifts and curls to focus on those pesky arm muscles and build some definition. Another household item that would work similarly is a full milk jug. Get creative as you create new purposes for your household items.

Another common household item turned workout equipment is a dining room chair. A chair can be used for tricep dips by standing in front of the chair with your back to it and using the seat of the chair to rest your hands onto. Raise yourself up and down using your arms. A chair can also be used to tone your leg muscles. Step up into the chair and down again using one leg at a time. This exercise incorporates some good old-fashioned cardio exercise.

If your home is more minimalistic, then that is okay too. Using a wall to do wall sits, planks, and push-ups is another way to utilize things around the home for exercise. It doesn’t take a lot of furnishings or supplies around the house to utilize what you have and create a good workout for yourself. Being active and making an effort at a healthy lifestyle is what really matters.

The final thing to consider when working out at home is yourself. Using your own body weight to exercise and work on strength training and toning is another easy way to workout without the gym. Search for proper techniques online to keep from injuring yourself but enjoy working out with your own, built-in weights.

Exercise is not something that has only one method or route to achieve a specific outcome. It is something that is customizable and different for every single person in the world. It takes some creativity and trial and error to build a routine that will work for you and help you to achieve your goals. Don’t limit your thinking to the confines of a gym or fitness facility. Think outside of the box and use household items to stick to a fitness routine.