Is Farming Good for Your Health?

Farmers are a fundamental part of feeding the global population, so we here at Nutrien know how important their jobs are! Beyond supplying healthy food to their communities, here are some of the benefits these farmers get from their rewarding careers. 

Working Outdoors is Good for the Body AND Brain

A farmer’s “office” is the “Great Outdoors.” While some of us have to plan time to get outside for our physical and mental health, these benefits are just some of the perks for a farmer! Even just 20 minutes a day spent outside can boost our mood, help our body process Vitamin D better, and lower our blood pressure. Just make sure you wear sunscreen if you’re going to mimic a farmer’s all-day outdoors work space! 

Mobile Means Maximum Health

Being mobile and on your feet during the day can be beneficial to your health! Many studies have been published about the negative side effects of sitting at a desk all day. Office workers that sit for most of their 8-hour shift can experience more stress, high blood pressure, and orthopedic disorders such as carpal tunnel if they don’t take frequent breaks. When you’re up and moving all day, you keep your body healthy!

Enjoy the Country Life 

Farmers may already know this, but research can back it up: Rural living is good for you! There are several reasons for this. One major reason is that pollution is very minimal compared to dense city areas.  Contaminates from factory emissions, vehicles, and other industrial processes can aggravate conditions like asthma and heart disease. Natural settings also help regulate our circadian rhythms, which is important to forming healthy sleeping habits. 

Do you live in a big city or work indoors? Don’t worry, you can still use the farming lifestyle to inspire your own healthy choices. Take up an outdoor hobby like gardening, get moving with exercise, or take a day trip to the countryside. Make sure to thank a farmer for the hard work they do, too!