Making Time to Make Healthy Choices

Sometimes our life can feel so hectic that we start making choices about our health on-the-go. Instead of preparing healthy meals for ourselves, we might opt for fast food. Or, because the house isn’t clean, we might skip out on a workout session.  We focus on work, family, chores, and all the obligations modern life requires and might neglect our health.

If we don’t think ahead about our wellness goals, the time to keep ourselves healthy can often slip by. Slowing down our routines can help to set goals and make a plan to accomplish them. Here are some suggestions for doing just that. 

Adjust Your Morning Routine

Do you wake up and start your day at full speed? This can add to your stress before you even get to work!  If you don’t already have some sort of morning routine, choose to start doing something small that will make your life easier, like setting out your clothes before you go to bed. For parents, you can make this part of your bedtime routines for kids, too. This will give you more time to start your day off in a low-stress way. Our morning routines should get us charged up, rather than drain our mental energy. If you already have a routine, see if you need to adjust anything. You can add a fitness activity like a small walk, or stop reading worrying news before you begin your work tasks for the day. 

Trade Screen Time for Time Outdoors

Do you need to clear your head? Take a break from scrolling on your phone and take a walk! Just a 20-minute walk outside has proven mental and physical health benefits. If you look at your habits, there might be a 20-minute social media session that you can trade for some time outdoors. If you take this idea even further, you can trade time in front of your television screen for an outdoor adventure once a week like visiting a new park with your family or planning a picnic!

Plan a Regular Decompression Day 

The idea of self-care might just seem like a popular hashtag on social media right now, but taking the time to take care of yourself is actually good for your health! Plan a day each week or month to focus on a healthy activity that you want to do. Whether it’s with your family or solo, taking a day to relax through your favorite activities can lower your blood pressure, help with stress, and give you a new perspective on your health goals.