New Fitness Trends, What’s New and Hip?

With the start of a new year, everyone is looking for a little bit of change. For those who have made fitness one of their New Year’s resolutions, some hope to change by adding more physical activity into their lives. So, in keeping with new things, here are some new trends in fitness.

  1. Wearable Tech

While this isn’t all that new, the amount of people wearing Fitbits or similar technology has grown exponentially. What’s cool about wearable technology is that you can actively keep up with your activity levels, and helpful towards meeting your goals.

  1. Building up Strength

Strength training is becoming huge. Although strength training has been around, it’s now reaching those who might have been intimidated by the weight room. And, what’s even better about strength training is that it does more than just burn more calories, but it keeps your body healthy by preserving muscle mass- let’s not forget about the metabolism boost either!

  1. Bodyweight Workouts

Following strength training, bodyweight training is one of the biggest trends for 2017. Why? You don’t need a membership, equipment, or even a designated space to workout. The best part about bodyweight training is it helps tremendously in increasing lean muscle mass, and you can make it perfect for you with modifications.

  1. Getting Help

This sounds like a strange trend, but the benefits of working with a fitness professional are huge. While some might not want to pay for someone like a personal trainer, it is a great way to get personalized support towards reaching your fitness goals. You’ll want to be careful if you choose to find a trainer to help you. Because of the amount of personal trainers out there, you’ll want to make sure you do your research to find someone who is certified and understands your goals.

  1. Workout Apps

With the cost of gym memberships ranging from affordable to not-so-affordable, workout apps are on the rise. What’s easier than on-demand, at-home workouts you can get from your phone? Definitely a close second behind bodyweight training in the convenience department.

  1. Exercise is Medicine ®

Exercise is Medicine® is a global health initiative that focuses on health care providers including physical activity when discussing treatment plans with patients, and referring patients to exercise professionals. This is pretty cool because they’re bringing a sense of community that bridges from your doctor to your trainer, and stresses the importance of physical activity.

While there are only six listed here, there are a ton of new exercise trends for 2017. The important thing is that you’re looking at new ways to exercise. Beginning a new exercise routine is difficult, but hopefully some of these trends will help you in reaching your fitness goals.