Six Tips to Keeping Your Weight Loss Goals

Summer is coming which means swimsuit season and trips to the beach and that may be a reminder to some of us that we haven’t kept up with our New Years weight loss resolutions.

Whether you’ve just gotten a little sidetracked or have completely derailed from your weight loss goals, let’s make June the new January and get back on track with your weight loss and healthy lifestyle goals!

Here are 6 tips to help you stay motivated to keep those weight loss goals.

weight_loss_goals51. Find a Buddy

Don’t go it alone. Ask a friend or family member with similar weight loss goals to join you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. If you can find more than one weight loss buddy, even better! With friends by your side, your weight loss journey will be full of encouragement. And when things get hard, you’ll have someone with whom you can share your struggle.

2. Make an Incentive Chart

When my roommate wanted to give up soda, we made a 30-Day-No-Soda Challenge Chart for her to jumpstart on her goal. We placed the chart on the refrigerator, and each day she went without having a soda, she got to put a sticker on the day. It was a great visual representation of her meeting her goals one day at a time. The chart also kept her accountable and honest about her progress. At the end of the challenge, we took her out to her favorite restaurant to celebrate. Making a chart is a fun way to visually track your progress on a specific weight loss goal and having a reward to look forward to keeps you motivated!

3. Switch it Up

I get bored easily, and when I find something boring, I’m less likely to make myself do it. If walking on the treadmill doesn’t excite you anymore, switch it up and take a walk in your favorite park. Or maybe try a different workout activity all together to keep things fresh and new.

weight_loss_goals14. Keep a Food Journal

If you’re having trouble managing your eating habits, keep track of everything you eat. This will be an eye-opening exercise and force you to think seriously about what foods you eat. Go old school with paper and pen or download a food-tracking app on your phone—there are several options from which to choose and you’re sure to find one that fits your needs!

5. Make a Schedule

If you don’t plan out when you’re going to workout, you might as well plan not to workout. Come up with a schedule that fits your lifestyle and then share that schedule with your fitness buddy, so she can keep you accountable.

6 Give Yourself Grace

Don’t beat yourself up when you miss a workout or indulge occasionally in too much dessert. Brush it off, and keep the long-term goal in mind. You got this!