Small Changes That Make A Big Impact

Young adult woman walking up the stairs with sun sport background.

The new year brings about hope for change and improvement. Many people resolve to do things differently or start something new, but the majority of people who make New Year’s Resolutions ultimately fall off the wagon. Making dynamic changes is oftentimes difficult to stick with long-term, but making small changes and turning them into habits can prove to be successful. Improving physical health is a popular choice at the new year, and there are tips outlined below that will help you do just that by making small daily changes.

January 9, 2019 has been dubbed “Take the Stairs Day” in the United States, and this small change in a daily routine is a good one. Rather than choosing the elevator or escalator, get some extra steps in by taking the stairs. This small amount of physical activity burns extra calories that you wouldn’t shed if you were on the elevator, and you will literally be climbing your way to a healthier you with this one minor change.

Another way to increase your calorie burning activity on a daily basis is to park farther from the building you are entering. At the mall? Park in the back and walk farther to get to the door. At work, at little league, at school? The list goes on and on. Choose a distant parking spot and choose to burn more calories.

While making a change in your errands and extracurriculars, consider spending a little extra time in the grocery store. Making frequent trips up and down every aisle will increase your physical activity for the day and burn some extra calories. It may seem silly, but it is an easy change to implement. Just make sure you don’t start walking around the grocery store with an empty belly. You’ll leave with a lot of junk food and a large grocery bill.

There are other opportunities for physical activity all throughout the day. Choose to sit on an exercise ball rather than a desk chair at work to improve your core, keep hand weights at your desk and do curls while talking on the phone, or do squats while brushing your teeth. Opportunities for better overall health and wellness are everywhere. Encourage others to join in your efforts as well. A new popular option in the business world is to conduct walking meetings rather than convening around a conference room table. Whatever option you choose or whoever you impact to join in, you’ll be grateful to have made a change.

The possibilities for change are limitless, and the encouragement that the new year brings helps to push us toward positive change. Choosing a healthier you should be a top priority at all times, and implementing small changes in a daily routine will help to push you toward the goal of being healthier. Once taking the stairs becomes the norm, up the ante by creating little workouts for yourself using the stairs. Feeling too sedentary at your desk, choose to stand while working or set an alarm for every 30 minutes that reminds you to get up and walk. There are so many opportunities for change in our daily lives. Seek out what will work for you and start a new routine.