The Health Benefits of Walking Your Dog

While walking your dog is certainly a great time for your dog, it also has a surprising number of benefits for you at the same time! 

It’s a Great Exercise!

Walking your dog has some great physical exercise benefits! If you walk consistently, it can improve cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure, strengthen muscles and bones, and improve your heart’s overall health. It can also play a role in helping fight obesity, especially as a part of a larger weight loss plan. Want to know the best part about all these benefits? They apply to your dog just as much as to you!

It Can Reduce Stress!

The combined stimulation of spending time outside and enjoying it with your dog can help substantially reduce your stress! While each of those might individually help, studies published in the Journal of Psychiatry & Neuroscience show that you can reduce stress even more by going on 30-minute walks with your dog daily!

Take Some Time Off Your Phone

When you’re walking your dog, you have way fewer opportunities to pull out your phone! Consider turning it to “emergency calls only” or leaving it at home when you go for walks. While it might make you uncomfortable at first, taking time away from screens can give you a lot of additional benefits. Some of those have already been listed above, but it can help fight smartphone addiction, improve your focus, and your ability to be in the moment. 


Taking your dog on walks is definitely an important responsibility in dog ownership, it will give you a long list of benefits too! Don’t forget to bring a plastic bag!