Tips to Get More Exercise into Your Daily Life

Employee leaves note on back of office chair: "Out of Office. Gone to The Gym!"


It has been ingrained into many of us that staying fit is a lifestyle change, but also for many of us a routine exists that is comfortable and organized that does not include a fitness routine. There are small adjustments to the daily schedule that can increase the amount of daily exercise had without corrupting a scheduled routine.

For instance, if working in an office building with a staircase, make excuses to travel up and down the stairs numerous times per day. If working a desk job that keeps feet planted in one spot, move them around. Lift the feet simultaneously to do reverse crunches, remove the chair altogether to do wall sits as you type an email, or stand to work rather than sit for a few hours per day.

If you have a job that does not include desk sitting, then congratulations. You’re already farther along than those who have to be seated all day. When walking around a plant site or standing in your occupation, take a few minutes to change that standing position by doing lunges or squats in place or on the move. Sure, it might look silly at first, but you could start a new fitness trend among co-workers. You’ll have everyone lunging across the plant rather than walking in no time.

Other less embarrassing options for incorporating more exercise into the daily routine includes working out during a lunch break. Many offices allow an hour for lunch, which allows for a good workout. If the gym is not close enough to your workspace for the hour allotment to be enough, walk the grounds of the building, shut the office door, or commandeer a conference room and exercise on your own. There are tons of YouTube videos for various routines that can be found and used as a guide.

Making daily exercise a part of any daily routine is hard. It is out of the norm and disrupts more fun pieces of the day, but it is a necessary part of living a healthy lifestyle. Getting a group together or convincing your partner or children to take part in a fitness routine with you will help to make it more fun and manageable because it becomes a piece of everyone’s day rather than something you do alone.