What is Zumba? Everyone has heard of the dancing exercise that took the world by storm a couple of years ago, but what is it and how did it start? Well, it was created by accident. An aerobics instructor by the name of Alberto Perez made it to the class he was teaching one day, only to find that he had left the class music at home. Not wanting to cancel the class because of his own error, Perez relied on his own personal music and Zumba was born.


His Latin music helped to create a Latin-infused dance exercise that has been popular since its creation in the 1990’s. What makes this exercise so popular is the constant movement you make, thanks to the wonderful party-style music to keep you going. It’s a combination that makes exercise fun, and people wanting to go back time and time again.


So how do you get started with Zumba?

  1. Do some research on Zumba classes in your area
    1. Because of the dependence on instructor music, you’re going to want to find an instructor who matches with your tastes. It might be pretty difficult to dance weight off and have fun if you don’t enjoy the music, or the instruction.
  1. Visit, visit, visit.

Similar to above, you’re going to want to visit any Zumba class you’re able to. If you have the opportunity to see what classes are about before beginning, you’ll have a much better idea about what you might want from a class.

  1. Leave your worries at the door

Unless they’re a professional dancer, you don’t hear people brag about their dancing skills very often. You’re going to be embarrassed once or twice, but try not to be. The benefit of Zumba is the fast-paced workout, so focus on the moves and not on what other people might be thinking. They’re trying to focus too!

  1. Take care of safety

There are risks with every kind of exercise. One way to prevent injury is to dress appropriately, like wearing appropriate footwear. Another few ways are to stretch before arriving, drink plenty of water, and make sure that your clothing or shoes aren’t restrictive or causing strains anywhere.

  1. Have fun

Remember to just enjoy yourself! This exercise is meant to be a fun, quick-paced way to shed some weight, get in shape, and get your endorphins flowing. Grab a friend to go with you and start moving your body! Don’t worry about not knowing everything at the beginning; everyone in that room with you has started from where you are.
With summer right around the corner we’re all feeling the pressure of getting in shape. Zumba is a fantastic way to lose weight in a fun-filled environment with people just like you. Go get your dance on!