7 Reasons You Should Start the Day with Exercise


It’s tough to make ourselves exercise at the end of the work day, when all we want is to go home and rest.  But there is an alternative solution: exercise in the morning before work!  It can be tempting to completely disregard working out in the morning as too difficult to even contemplate, but there are benefits to changing your workout routine.

Physical activity can boost your mood, jumpstart your energy, & fight stress.  Being active in the morning can be even more beneficial.  Exposure to early morning light can help you feel more awake during the day, and can improve your quality of sleep at night.  This can lead to increased productivity at work.

Most people aren’t out early in the morning, so it’s likely to be quieter when you exercise early.  There won’t be a lot of noise and people to distract you, and since your brain is still waking up, your own thoughts probably won’t bombard you as much.  You’ll be able to concentrate on what you’re doing, and you’ll likely have a much more peaceful workout.

Getting something extra done early in the morning makes you feel accomplished, and starting the day off with positive vibes gets your brain going in the right direction, and sets you up to be productive all day.  Endorphins are a great side effect of exercising.  Endorphins make you happy, and getting that feeling first thing in the morning can help negate any grumpy feelings about having to get up early and go to work.

Working out boosts your metabolism & continues for hours afterwards.  That means you’ll burn calories throughout the day, which can be more beneficial for people who exercise in the morning since you have all day to reap the benefits.  It also leads to you feeling more alert and productive throughout the day.  A study at Leeds Metropolitan University also found that workers were better able to communicate effectively with coworkers after exercising than on days they didn’t exercise.

Generally speaking, it’s instinctive to want to eat well after you work out.  Getting into that mindset of eating healthy food first thing in the morning will set you up to think like that for the rest of the day.  And since your workout already has you energized, you probably won’t need that first cup of coffee in the morning either.

Early workouts can help regulate your body’s internal clock, by signaling that daytime is time for activity.  This helps your body recognize that nighttime is for sleeping, and can lead to you sleeping better.  Working out too close to bedtime can disrupt that and cause you to stay awake longer than you meant to.  Going in the morning also leaves your evening open for other things!

It’s easy to feel guilty at the end of the day when you go home instead of exercising like you meant to.  There’s less chance that you’ll postpone or cancel your workout, and it’ll make you more consistent with your workout in the long run.  Getting it out of the way in the morning before your brain is even awake enough to worry about it means you don’t have to feel guilty later.  It’ll be easier to stick to a schedule since there’s likely nothing happening that early in the morning that could distract you from your workout.

It might be tempting to stay in bed in the morning, but set out all your stuff the night before, and try exercising in the morning.  Once you get used to it, your routine will feel a lot better.